“The Rowing Club” blog is intended to provide useful information to club rowers in their first couple of seasons.  I row and coach at City of Oxford RC (CORC) in the UK so the terminology used here will be British.  I also plan bring together Internet resources useful to rowers and coaches.  Opinions expressed here are mine and not those of CORC.


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  1. Two questions (easier one first): 1) Does the fin effect boat balance/stability or just the ‘yaw’ (straight line flow) of the boat? 2) Does increased boat speed increase or even somewhat improve the balance of a boat/crew? (My thinking is that if this were the case then a technically poor but very strong crew would improve balance even if they rowed very badly. One has to consider that whatever their mistakes, they were consistent mistakes, so I’m discounting one-off errors such as a crab or one-off random faults.) Any thoughts appreciated!

  2. Hello Huw. I’m not a boat designer but my understanding it that the fin works primarily to decrease the “yaw” inflicted on the boat by the crew, the wind or any other force working across its direction of travel. I have seen boats lose a fin during an outing and loss of straight line stability was the most noticeable effect. On your second point, while increased speed can help a crew balance a boat, my observation is that most of the help derives from the higher stroke rate, which reduces the length of time the crew have to balance the boat with the blades in the air. The crew get the blades in the water (so supporting the boat) more frequently, so they “feel” more balanced, because the boat has less time to roll over between strokes.

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